Jeff Micklos

That’s Me!

If it has been awhile, you should know that I moved to San Francisco in
to work at Yelp and hang out with my girlfriend. I have since moved
on and joined the team at Everlane where I try to spread good design to as
many people as possible. And I still hang out with my girlfriend.

  ALSO, way more interestingly, I am in band with my best friends.
We are called April and you can listen to us here.

If you would like to chat with me about:

  • Radiohead
  • Web Typography
  • Javascript
  • Food
  • Reverb
  • Coffee
  • HTML
  • Art History
  • Sígur Rós
  • Postmodernism
  • Skateboarding
  • 1990’s Family Sitcoms


Get more familiar…

I get paid to type on a keyboard.

Sometimes I even get paid for moving pixels around to make pretty pictures. These facts will always blow my mind and I am incredibly grateful for them.
Most recently, I have been faced with the challenge of making a beautiful and intuitive online shopping experience for Everlane. Shortly before that, I designed Yelp’s mobile website, which is hitting over 18 million smartphones in a town
near you. I wrote about the design process and considerations in this blog post,
maybe you will find it useful.

  Outside of work, I keep a myriad of side projects and experiments on my shelf.
If you are interested, I would absolutely love to show you some of the fun things
I have built over the years. Once again, jeffmicklos, gmail, you know the drill.
Until then, here are some things with very little context:

360° viewer to show off the Everlane Oxford shirt. Gives users to get the experience of walking around a mannequin in a physical retail store, allowing them to scrub and reveal details about how the fabric drapes and contours to the body.

Designed to tell the story of the Everlane T-Shirt. Included an interactive size chart with brand comparisons to help alleviate the uncertainty and stress of fit. Zoomable macro photography allowed users to see the tight knit of the t-shirt, hopefully implying a soft handfeel. Tweets about the product acted as social proof.

Sometimes I take pictures but not too much anymore.

A couple years ago my dad found an old film SLR camera in a closet and gave it to me. Having never taken pictures on film before, I thought it would be a fun experiment. At that point, I could have never imagined how much I would suck
at it. Lucky for me, this trusty old camera would make all my pictures look relatively passable, a huge plus. Way more importantly, I think if Thom Yorke
(or even Colin Greenwood, I don’t care) came across this lil’ page, he might be impressed with these photos. And let's be honest, that is why I take pictures.

I am constantly making a movie.

Every month I make a video, cataloging all of my experiences from segment of time. The videos are fairly simple, usually just photos and short video clips strung together, but the end result is much greater than the sum of its parts. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have the chance to watch my life pass by me.
Unfortunately, I don’t think many people get that opportunity.

I wasn’t as introspective when I was younger so these moments past by with
a lot more ease. In September 2012, I restored an old harddrive and scrambled to reclaim those memories that I lost. The result is infinitely more depressing than I thought it would be.

I made a blogging platform in 2007.

At that time, Twitter and Facebook were just emerging as giants of the internet. As a 20 year old art school student, I was disenchanted with the short and transitory snippets of life that these two networks had fostered. Webtape was my response to the perceived "McDonaldization" of our data and experiences (yeah, I said I was in art school). I wanted to provide a place for people to come together and share real thoughts, memories and ideas. An online community that supports open dialog for all of its members. A place where we could go and be comfortable with ourselves, whether ideal or otherwise.

  Webtape provided that for me and my close network of friends. And though posting has more or less come to halt, the site still serves as a cold storage for five years of amazing memories and experiences.

I try to write music that makes people fall asleep.

However, I should note that I have absolutely zero musical training or talent.
It’s totally fine, I long ago accepted the fact that I will never be 25% as good
as Radiohead (nor will anyone else). Nevertheless, I keep pumping on my organ.

Still not enough?

Things I have been into recently on certain sites.

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