Jeff Micklos

Scene I, Take I

Pretending to be someone else never works - only actors
can do it, and only because they’re all witches. I saw
an actor once, I swear to God he didn’t blink the whole
time I watched him.

I am Jeff Micklos, writing to you from a remove
perhaps great in both time and space. It’s odd,
isn’t it, that I can type these letters with perfect
confidence that you will see them just as I in-
tended? An immaculate miracle of transcription a
spooky reading at a distance, no byte out of place.
  During the day I write Javascript and CSS for
Everlane, where we produce cleverly designed
clothing for anyone to buy. Our very business is
another modern miracle - a store that exists only
on the internet, spinning designs out of and into
whole cloth. It’s a feat made possible by the un-
blinking diligence of our friend, the computer,
who is both more loyal and more traitorous than any dog.

Computers have a kind of bleak austerity to them,
don’t they? Experienced programmers sound
like old sailors. “The compiler is always right.
The code doesn’t lie. The sea never sleeps.”
  The sea, the internet, society, they’re all so
vast they threaten to swallow you the moment
you wake. I often feel like the titular Creep from
Radiohead’s song, who desperately longs for a kind
of authenticity that doesn’t shrink from the world.
  Obviously, that hasn’t happened for me just yet, but I’m trying to build that legacy through Everlane and through April, a sleepy music band where me and my very best friends play soft music very loudly. I invite you to peruse both, and to reflect upon how astounding it is that you can do so.

Writing about yourself is tricky, for me, at least. If unchecked
there is a high chance that I will just end up writing about
Radiohead and Snoopy. Thus, I called upon a former colleague
and raconteur, Vincent Woo, to write a synopsis of myself.
this speaks far more of talents than mine, nevertheless…

Scene I, Take II

The only way to learn is to fuck up, they tell me. That
first one was awful, in retrospect, but I suspect it’ll still
be my favorite, because I always do my favorites first.
What if we did one where you weren’t sad?

I secretly love computers. I know, it’s my job to be
good at computer stuff, so it’s obvious that I at least
like them. What I mean is that we’re expected to be
so professional about it more or less all the time.
“This framework offers us a lot of flexibility,” or,
“Let’s see if we can get these page latencies down.”
What I love about writing CSS and JavaScript at
Everlane is that we can and do take the time to step
back and say, “Let’s fucking dazzle them.”
Admittedly, sometimes we dazzle them with lower page latencies.

There’s a primordial joy in creating in a medium
as new and, frankly, insane as the internet.
We’re scooping up raw gobs of molten granite and
sculpting David by flinging them at a bust. I’m just
as surprised as you that anything works.
I secretly love computers, but I also love making
music with my very best friends, in a band named
April, where we make very loud soft music. In both
of these pursuits, I hope to dazzle, or at the very
least, amuse you.